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Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Pipeline Will NOT Reduce Dependence on “Foreign” Oil —  No Such Thing as Foreign Oil

-Harlan Hentges

The U.S. cannot reduce its dependence on “foreign” oil, because there is no such thing. Oil is not foreign or domestic. It’s global. A disruption of oil flows from the Middle East, South America, North America, Africa or Asia would cause a spike in the global price of oil. If you can pay the price, all oil is “domestic;” if you can’t, all oil is “foreign” — even the oil produced here. Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to Port Arthur, Texas would do one thing –  give multi-national companies, some owned by the Chinese government, a place to export Canadian fuels globally. This does not reduce U.S. dependence on “foreign” oil. Instead, it further exposes U.S. citizens and economy to business strategies foreign companies and the whims of undemocratic and hostile foreign countries. Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline.