About Us


Our goal is to inform and inspire transformative behavior by individuals, businesses and governments in the region served by the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico. Our objective is to move as quickly as possible toward an energy industry that is constructive and empowering for individuals, economically viable, and ecologically sound. The transformation is imperative to address the current and impending widespread financial loss and human suffering caused by disruption of the energy industry due to the undesirability of fossil fuels.

Board of Directors:

Michael Bergey – President, Bergey Wind Power Co.

Cody Graves – CEO,  Automated Energy Inc

Michael Root – Executive Vice President and CFO, WeatherBank

Jay Yowell – Principal, JYarchitecture & Co-Founder, Oklahoma Sustainability Network


Harlan Hentges – Executive Director

Rosemary Crawford

Jennifer Nolan